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News / Events / Staff News : 2014

At Insurance Corporation we're very proud of our staff and island roots, here are a few of the activities we've been up to recently both professionally and in the community.

What Our Staff Say at Insurance Corporation… Sarah Beatty

After moving to the mainland to work for our parental company RSA, Sarah Beatty (previously Sarah Lewis) recently returned home to Guernsey and is now a part of our Management Team at ICCI, working as our Underwriting Manager.

Here’s what Sarah has to say about life at Insurance Corporation…

“I am delighted to rejoin such a successful, locally focussed business who really care about the Islands communities. I started my career with Insurance Corporation 10 years ago and, after a successful 4 year period in our parent company RSA’s head office, I am excited to return home. Staff development is at the forefront of Insurance Corporation’s principles and I am grateful for the opportunity and support they have given me, as a result of this. It feels great to be back home again, working with a passionate and happy team, whilst also making the most of the quality of life the Islands have to offer.”

Sarah Beatty ICCI



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What Our Staff Say at Insurance Corporation… Emily Tullier

Emily Tullier has been at Insurance Corporation working in our Commercial Underwriting Team for just over a year now, and has recently completed her Certificate in Insurance to become Cert CII. 

We asked Emily what life has been like at Insurance Corporation…

I have been at ICCI for just over a year now, and during that short time I feel like I have already accomplished so much. The support I received during my recent exams was fantastic, there was always someone to refer to and this help was invaluable. It is wonderful to work in such a friendly environment and I enjoy an interesting and varied workload. I hope that I am able to spend many more years working at ICCI!

Emily Tullier ICCI

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What Our Staff Say at Insurance Corporation… Natasha Lucock

We are proud of our staff and like to hear from them on how life is at Insurance Corporation. We asked Natasha Lucock from our offices in Jersey

“I am now in my 10th year of working at Insurance Corporation since joining as an Assistant Underwriter in 2004. I have always been encouraged to challenge myself and given the support, freedom and encouragement to grow. I feel proud to work for such a great company. I love the camaraderie, being part of something that gives back to the local community and the fact that everyone cares about the job they do. My job challenges me in different ways, keeps me engaged and gives me a reason to smile everyday!” 



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What Our Staff Say at Insurance Corporation… Jo Sweeney

We are proud of our staff and like to hear from them on how life is at Insurance Corporation. We asked Jo Sweeney from our Underwriting Team in Jersey

“ICCI is a fantastic place to work! Career development is very important to me and ICCI continually provide me with the training and learning opportunities I need in order to work towards and achieve my Goals.  On a more personal level when faced with some challenging times, ICCI have proven to be a most compassionate employer. It is a real comfort to know that in times of difficulty you can rely on your employer for support”



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Insurance Corporation Healthcare Bursary Winners

The winners from the final 5 entrants to the ICCI Healthcare Bursary were announced today.

Nancy Golland, Judy Moore and Olwen Bain-Brehaut from HSSD were awarded £2,000 to help fund their initiative – ‘Activity Levels In The Elderly – A Pilot Study’.

“It’s made me excited to think that we can actually take our project into action, because it’ll make a difference in the elderly community and expand to improve people’s lifestyles and health.” Judy Moore



The runner-up prize was awarded to Susan Steer, who hopes to “develop an assistive technology resource and demonstrate its effectiveness in the older adults community mental health team.”

Congratulations to all of the 5 entrants and their projects, including ‘The Amber Care Bundle’, ‘The Introduction of an Insulin Passport’, and ‘Safe as Houses’.

Thank you to the Deputy Bailiff Richard McMahon for presenting this years awards.

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