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25 Years Supporting The Optimists Club at Jersey Battle Of Flowers

After another winning year at the 2019 Battle of Flowers in Jersey for The Optimists Club, who we are proud to have sponsored for 25 years, we spoke to team leader Steve Bouchard to find out more about what goes on behind the scenes…

Can you tell us about 2019’s float design concept? What was this years inspiration?
This years float was based around the stage musical of Oliver. The idea was to incorporate the main aspect of the show to tell the story of Oliver Twist yet try our best to keep the float as open as possible. The market square, the tavern, the old streets of London featuring St Pauls Cathedral and Fagans den. The inspiration coming from the stage show itself.
What types of flowers were incorporated into the design this year?
We used many different types and colours of flowers this year. Mainly chrysants with roses sun flowers and carnations.
How did ICCI’s sponsorship help this year and how has it helped in the past?
Without the financial help and support by ICCI it would just simply be impossible for us to enter a float. Their sponsorship is, and for many years now has been invaluable and has allowed us to express ourselves, pushing the boundaries of float building and has enabled us to produce winning entries of the highest standard. We have been able to stay at the very top for 25 years and for that we are truly grateful.
How many hours went into construction and how many people have been involved?
To account for the number of man hours it has taken to produce this years float would be impossible, we started construction in the first week of January and continued on a daily basis until battle day in august. I would estimate that at least 60 members have been involved in the process.
What has been the most challenging part of the process this year?
The most challenging part of the construction has to be the engineering involved in getting the front turn table to work and be able to support 3 dancers at the same time, supported by just 4 legs thus enabling the whole float to be viable from the front.
How has 2019 compared to previous years?
Last year the club produced a spectacular entry called “In Flanders Fields”; a poignant, touching and dramatic depiction of and commemorating the end of the First World War. So it was imperative that we produced something totally at the other end of the scale, so to speak, all singing and dancing.
We’re delighted to have supported this fantastic team for so many years, and are looking forward to seeing where their creativity takes them in 2020

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