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An Interview with The Pollinator Project – Award Winners at our Conservation Awards

The Pollinator Project won the top prize in the Bailiwick at this years Insurance Corporation Conservation Awards, taking away £1500 to invest back into raising awareness of the importance of pollinators to nature. We caught up with the team member Barry Wells…

Pollinator Project ICCI Conservation Awards


Congratulations on winning the Best Conservation Project! How does it feel after the teams hard work so far?

We were truly surprised as we have only been in existence for a few months and we were competing against really excellent projects.

What does the award mean to the team, and how will it help moving forwards?

The Pollinator Project is first and foremost an “awareness” project. This award will give us the exposure we need to get people to understand our aims and ambitions, and highlight the plight of pollinators.

We had a record number on entries this year in both the Bailiwick and Jersey; are you excited for the future of conservation in the Channel Islands?

Yes. I think there are a lot of people worried about our local environment, and it is great to know that all these worthwhile projects can be a focus for this concern. The pressure on our wild spaces is huge, and we need to encourage people to stand up for the environment.

How will you look to spend the £1500 prize to help develop the project?

We started a dialogue with local farmers earlier this year, and one of the topics highlighted was hedgerows. We will use the money to enhance and restore these important habitats for wildlife.

What is your advice for all conservationists looking to make a difference in the Channel Islands?

We need to work together more. We can be much more effective speaking as one voice.

How can the public keep up to date with your project activity?

We have a website –, which has regular tips on what to plant and what wildlife might use gardens as a consequence of their ‘rewilding’. We have a very active Facebook group – The Pollinator Project, where we post news items on the project, and people can exchange ideas and tips there too. And we can be contacted by email at

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