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Andrew Mills – The Profile, GBG Magazine

Andrew Mills has returned to his former role as Business Manager at Insurance Corporation after a four-year break working in captives. Andrew is delighted to return to the company and says his time in captives provided him with additional experience of the insurance world enabling him to put into perspective the work that Insurance Corporation does through its underwriting and captive management facilities.

As Business Manager his main role will be to lead the underwriting teams situated in Guernsey and Jersey.

‘Underwriting is basically the process of an insurer assessing and accepting the insurance risk that individuals and businesses do not want to retain for themselves. The insurer, through its underwriters, takes that risk and provides a financial guarantee, through the issue of an insurance policy. Should the risk be realised and a loss result, for example storm damage to a home, they would be protected,’ explains Andrew.

‘My team is underwriting a wide range of risks from homes, cars and boats to business and, of course, our States programmes that cover Guernsey, Jersey and Alderney. It means that no two days are the same – there is huge variety in the role. I have a great team to work with – in all 18 in the underwriting teams across the Channel Islands.’

Having a locally-based team means that the underwriters can see at first-hand the range of insurance risks that support the local communities.

‘We also have a unique claims team which is situated in Guernsey and Jersey so we can provide a truly local claims service. We do not have a call centre or rely on a UK claims service – unlike our competitors’ claims departments whose staff have sometimes never heard of the Channel Islands,’ says Andrew.

Part of Andrew’s role is to manage relationships with our local insurance brokers.

‘I have lots of contact with our brokers because we only work through brokers and not direct with clients. We believe that individuals and businesses should receive independent advice when they place their insurance to make sure they have the most appropriate cover for their needs. Being based locally means we can visit our brokers regularly and visit policyholders together where necessary.’

Since his return, Andrew has also enjoyed working with Managing Director Glyn Smith, who also rejoined the business in 2009.

‘Glyn has brought a fresh perspective to the business – he has made his own mark here. I like the way he does things. He’s a very proactive and inspiring leader for the business,’ says Andrew.

‘We have a core business model that works and we do not want to go about changing anything that works, but life evolves. There are always changes to the environments in which we work, including changes to the law and the general trading environment, so we are always prepared to adapt and are proactive in our approach.’

Andrew is FCII qualified and has over 30 year’s experience in both personal and commercial lines. He is also the Chairman the Guernsey Occupational Safety and Health Association.

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