Insurance Corporation


We have a real commitment to Customer Care and have built a reputation as the Company that puts our customers first. Our solution therefore is underpinned by customer service standards to ensure that you receive the highest quality of delivery.

Our claims proposition is one of our core competencies and a pivotal area of competitive advantage. With an excellent reputation and proven track record, we believe that the test of strength of our overall proposition is the value and success of our local claims management and handling process.

The legal system in the Bailiwick of Guernsey is derived from Norman French customary law, heavily influenced and overlaid by English common law. We believe that we have a distinct competitive advantage over our competitors because we have an excellent working knowledge of how this works in practice.

We have also built effective working relationships with local advocates, loss adjusters, motor repairers and a selection of other recommended repairers and suppliers to ensure that our claims service is seamless and continues to be regarded as the best in the Channel Islands insurance market.

All our claims are handled locally by our experienced and qualified claims team.