Insurance Corporation

FastTrack Claims Service

Our FastTrack claims service is intended to provide a streamlined handling service for minor buildings and personal possessions claims, to the following claim limits:-

  • Commercial Policyholder for claims under the value of £2,500; or
  • Household Policyholder for claims under the value of £1,000

Please choose the relevant option/link below to take you to the appropriate FastTrack claims declaration.  All FastTrack claims should be submitted via your Broker or directly to us (with our contact information detailed below and contained on the FastTrack claims declaration):-

Commercial Policyholder claims under the value of £2,500
Household Policyholder claims under the value of £1,000

We aim to review and process all FastTrack claims within 2 working days of receipt by our office.

What we need to know:-
We will require the following information from you in order to progress a claim through the FastTrack process:-

  • Completion of a FastTrack claims declaration (including confirmation that the policyholder is responsible for or owns the item)
  • Evidence of the nature/extent of damage (e.g. repairer’s report or photo) OR proof of purchase for lost/stolen item(s) (e.g. receipts/photos)
  • Police/crime reference for any lost/stolen items
  • Description or model details of item(s) and full circumstances of loss/damage (including details of any third-party involvement)
  • Current estimate/quotation detailing the repair/replacement cost on a like-for-like basis where possible OR receipt/invoice if already repaired/replaced
  • Payee bank details (including completed payee mandate, if appropriate)

We reserve the right to make further enquiries and request additional documentation/information if we deem it necessary.

How to submit your FastTrack claim declaration
Please submit the completed FastTrack declaration, and any supporting documentation, via your Broker or directly to us at