Insurance Corporation

Recommended Repairers – Motor Guernsey

If you are making a claim for repairs to your vehicle, we would prefer that you use one of our Recommended Repairers.  These garages will prepare an estimate which will be sent direct to us. Arrangements will be made for repairs to commence as soon as possible.

Our Recommended Repairers are:-

Auto Collision Repairs: Forest Road, St Martins. Tel: 01481 235020

Bodyline Ltd: La Planque Lane, Forest. Tel: 01481 263122

Trust Ford: Longue Hougue, St Sampsons. Tel: 01481 247072

Graham Brown Ltd: Les Monmains, Northside, Vale. Tel: 01481 240511

Once repairs are completed, we will settle the account direct with the garage (less the amount you are required to pay under the terms of your policy). All repairs are guaranteed and do not breach manufacturer’s warranties.

Our Recommended Repairer Scheme key customer service benefits include:

  • No estimates are required. Customers can take their vehicle to one of our Recommended Repairers where the damage will be viewed and assessed. The Repairer will then deal directly with us, providing us with the necessary information to progress repairs;

Repairs are guaranteed for three years;

  • Our partner Recommended Repairers give priority attention to Insurance Corporation customers, ensuring repairs commence as quickly as possible;
  • Customers will be provided with a free courtesy vehicle for the duration of all repairs;
  • Quality repair work is guaranteed, utilising MIRRC methods and monitored by a recognised system of quality control, and;
  • All vehicles will be cleaned by the repairer upon completion of repairs.