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Conservation Awards – Jersey Entries

After spending last week visiting entries for our 2016 ICCI Conservation Awards in Guernsey and Alderney, this week we visited entries for the Jersey competition.

Now in its 26th year, our Conservations Awards are open to all islanders with entries sought from schools, individuals, businesses, leisure and conservation organisations. The Guernsey and Alderney competition is separate from the Jersey competition, and all projects have once again been inspiring!

There are several awards available:

  • Overall winner – receiving £1,500
  • Runner-up – receiving £1,000
  • Peter Walpole People’s Choice Award – receiving £500 (which is voted for by the public through Insurance Corporation’s website)
  • Young Conservationist of the Year Award – prize depends on size and scope of the project
  • Manpower Award – a team from Insurance Corporation over a course of one day will lend a hand to further enhance or support a project


Here’s a review of the Jersey entries:

  • Vermont Farm – Promessa Soil Project

Creating regenerative systems modelled after nature’s productivity to improve environments of the Channel Islands. Using natural methods to improve soil quality.

Jersey bat roost register and swarming / hibernation project. Habitat management is required, as well as volunteer surveyors for larger issues.

Whole school marine conservation and beach clean up day involving all of the primary school assisted by senior pupils, volunteers and organisations.

  • Les Minquiers Survey

A full survey of all aspects of the natural history of Les Minquiers reef, due to concern of the lack of scientific attention paid to the reef so far.

Ongoing management of Grouville Marsh SSI. Further progress from last year includes: new areas that have been coppiced as part of the management, installation of bird and bat boxes and pond and stream management.

Investigation of some of the fundamental questions about bat ecology to contribute to their protection.

A buzzing project to encourage a variety of wildlife, while offering young adults with a learning disability to learn about conservation.


It has again been another year of inspiring entries for our ICCI Conservation Awards.

Jersey awards will be presented in Jersey on Wednesday 29th June

Guernsey / Alderney awards will be presented in Guernsey on Thursday 16 June



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