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Deputy Heidi Soulsby on the impact of our annual Healthcare Bursary

Our annual Healthcare Bursary is now in its 28th year, launched in 1991 by Insurance Corporation founder Peter Walpole as a means to support the future of health and social care in the Bailiwick of Guernsey. We spoke to Deputy Heidi Soulsby…

Sandra James MBE, who went on to be an HSSD board member, took the top prize in the first year for her project regarding alcohol abuse in the islands. Over the following years there have been a variety of inspiring entries relating to bereavement, information provision, mental health, cancer care and social care projects.

With entries now being accepted for the 2019 bursary, we spoke to Deputy Heidi Soulsby, Committee for Health & Social Care President, on the impact of our Bursary and what it means for HSC team members, health and social care in general and our island communities.

‘It’s great to see the Healthcare Bursary still going strong after nearly three decades. The Bursary has encouraged our staff to innovate, and develop new solutions to some of the healthcare challenges we face as a community. The funding provided by the Bursary helps get those ideas off the ground, making a real difference to maternity services, mental health care and lots of other areas. Right now, we are transforming health and care through the Partnership of Purpose programme which needs the support of the whole community: private health practitioners, the third sector, but also individuals and businesses. This is a good example of a local firm already working with us to transform the way healthcare is provided.’

Entry forms for this year’s competition are available HERE and from the Health & Social Care human resources team and must be returned by 7th October 2019. A selection panel will meet on 31st October 2019 to hear more about the projects from the shortlisted candidates, followed by a presentation day at The Farmhouse on 13th November 2019.

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