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GSPCA: Why Enter the Insurance Corporation Conservation Awards?

We spoke to Steve Byrne from the GSPCA on why our Conservation Awards have been so valuable to them…

The GSPCA are hugely grateful to the Insurance Corporation Conservation Awards for all they do for the Channel Islands.
With over 2000 wild animals rescued and helped at the GSPCA we see so many challenges that are faced by our wildlife and to ensure that our environment is a healthy one is at the heart of the work we carry out 24/7.
The awards afternoon is a real joy to attend to see the amazing work carried out around the Channel Islands and it is a real privilege to be part of something that show cases those making a real difference to the conservation in our community and help educate the next generation.
In recent years the GSPCA along with St Andrews Floral Group as well as many other groups have made huge improvements to conservation areas around the Animal Shelter.
The awards through the financial support have helped us to achieve a number of projects to improve the conservation projects we have around the Animal Shelter grounds in St Andrews.
A huge thanks from the GSPCA to the Insurance Corporation Conservation Awards for all they do to support those trying to help ensure we have a healthy environment for the next generation.
Steve Byrne, GSPCA Manager

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