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Help Olivia the Loggerhead Sea Turtle at GSPCA

Last week we sent 5 members of staff to the GSPCA in St Andrews to meet Olivia the loggerhead sea turtle, as we donated £250 to go towards their fundraising efforts to care for her and fly her home.

The Insurance Corporation Social Responsibility Committee met earlier this week and decided to donate £250 to go towards the GSPCA’s fundraising efforts for Olivia.

Each Friday we’re also holding ‘dress down’, and all the monies raised each month are divided between two local charities, one of them being the GSPCA which will further help Olivia get to the Canary Islands.

Mandy Hunt, General Manager of ICCI, Michelle Arundale, Emily Tullier, Lauren Twist and James Foote got the chance to meet Olivia with GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne and also find out her story and why the GSPCA are desperately trying to raise the £12,500 to fly her to the Canaries or find a kind plane to do so.

“The Insurance Corporation have a team of animal heroes who support us in so many ways from being a Build Partner, the Conservation Award we have won and now helping Olivia the turtle find her way home.” Steve Byrne, GSPCA Manager.

With nearly £3000 donated so far they still have over £9000 to raise to help this wonderful endangered creature who was so close to death back in March.

Can you help? Read the GSPCA article HERE

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