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HSSD 5 A Day for Happiness Course

Women are being encouraged to join the ‘5 A Day for Happiness’ course being run by HSSD’s Health Promotion Unit.

Where it all began…

The 2013 Healthy Lifestyle Survey showed that more than a quarter of women who responded experienced large amounts of stress in the 12 months prior to the survey and only 13% had a high mental wellbeing score.

That same year, Yvonne Le Page and Vidya Amey from HSSD came to us with a fantastic course opportunity at our annual Healthcare Bursary in 2013, where we aim to support enhancing health and social care provision in the islands. We were delighted to award them with funds to start the project!

“We are very grateful to Insurance Corporation who selected this project for a prize in 2013 as part of their Bursary Awards for health and social care projects. The first course has been arranged using the funds from that award…” Yvonne Le Page, Health Promotion Manager.

Anyone interested in taking part in the 5 a day Happiness course should sign-up with the Health Promotion Unit to book their place. tel 707311 or e.mail

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