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ICCI Interviewed Talented Horse Rider Ellie Mauger

Ellie is 9 years old and a very talented young rider – winning the 2014 South Show and the Under 16 Junior Championship. 

We followed her activity throughout the recent ‘Winter Jumping’ event at La Carriere Stables, and took the time to find out a bit more about her and pony ‘Faith’.


Q. How old is Faith? 

She is 16 years old, born on 5 June 1998.

Q. How long have you had her? 

I previously had a loan pony called “Star” but 6 months ago in April this year we found Faith. 

Q. What height is she? 


Q. What is Faith’s favourite treat? 

Polo’s, but she also likes carrots! 

Q. When did you start riding? 

When I was 5 years old I started riding at La Carriere Stables. 

Q. Does Faith love jumping? 

Yes that is her favourite thing to do apart from eating hay!   

Q. What are your riding ambitions? 

To just enjoy it and enter as many competitions as possible.  It’s not about winning for me, I just love riding Faith. 

Q. What is your favourite/best moment with Faith? 

I love it when Faith is being naughty or in a playful mood! The best bit was when I fell off Faith and bounced from the top pole to the bottom pole and then I went from the bottom pole to the ground. I couldn’t stop laughing. 

How would you describe Faith? 

Good on roads. A crazy pony! She has two nicknames – “Faffy” because she faffs a lot, and “Fadoofus” because she’s a ‘doofus’!

She loves being in the field but her favourite time is in her stable where she can eat lots of hay. She also loves to jump. 

Q. Tell me about the Classes you are entering today. 

I am entering 3 classes – Class 6, Class 7 and Class 9.   

Q. Obviously we are sponsoring Class 7 – are you excited? 

Yes very, Class 7 is split into two parts. First of all you have to get a clear round and then all those who have gone clear are able to go forward to race around the jumps, and the fastest clear round wins. 

Q. What does it mean to have companies like Insurance Corporation sponsoring the event? 

Ellie’s Mum said – “It’s crucial for the Winter Jumping to achieve sponsors as the event couldn’t go ahead without it. The sponsorship pays for the class, but also provides all the rosettes for the children, which gives them an incentive to do really well. Plus it’s a great day out for the family”.   


Congratulations to Ellie for a successful day of jumping! Her results were as follows: 

Class 6                4th (Receiving a Special rosette)

Class 7                2nd

Class 9                1st




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