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Insurance Corporation Continue Sponsoring Tony Vance from Guernsey FC

Insurance Corporation are delighted to continue our sponsorship of Guernsey FC (GFC) Manager, Tony Vance! We met up with Tony to chat about everything GFC, and what the future holds for the club…

+ Hi Tony! Let’s start with the basics: Who are Guernsey FC (GFC) and what is your role?

“Guernsey FC is a club that was established to provide an opportunity to all those aspiring players who want to challenge themselves off island within the UK National League Pyramid System. I am the Team Manager and have held this role since the club was formed. Recently my role was extended and I became the club’s Commercial Manager too which effectively means I also have the responsibility for raising the funds and securing vital sponsorship to ensure the club is sustainable each season.”

+ How long have GFC been established now?

“We are now heading into our seventh season, which is incredible given that it costs approximately £400,000 per annum to run the football club. Many people and doubters did not think it was achievable but 7 years on we are still going!”

+ It’s fair to say that it’s been a successful journey so far on many different levels. As you progress through the league system with GFC, the competition obviously becomes more of a challenge. How has this season been for you and the squad so far?

“I’ve really enjoyed it as we are being tested to the maximum with the limited resources we have at our disposal. This coupled with the travel logistics ensures that we are often not competing at a level playing field however I wouldn’t have it any other way really. As you have pointed out, we enjoyed some early success, and whilst that was nice, you don’t learn too much when things are easy or going well all the time.”

+ We’re delighted to have recently extended our sponsorship of you and your role at GFC. How has it helped you so far?

“Insurance Corporation have been fantastically committed to Guernsey FC by supporting my role for a number of years. Sponsorship is vital and is generally the lifeblood of sport, particularly in a costly venture such as ours! It is well documented that is costs approximately £400k to run GFC annually so your continued sponsorship is extremely well valued and ensures the club can be sustainable.”

+ What benefits do sponsorships provide for you, GFC as a club and in the grand scheme of things; the island?

“GFC prides itself on being a Community Club – without sponsorship we simply wouldn’t have a club! The aspirations it provides for the local players is well documented but a large focus of the club is to ensure we provide a forum and an opportunity for islanders to support, follow and be proud of their island based team both locally and in the UK. It is fantastic and rewarding for us when you see so many people in their green and white clothing, who either look forward to their Saturday afternoon trip to Footes Lane or the ex-pats who make a pilgrimage from their UK homes to follow us away.”

+ GFC has opened up opportunities for local footballers by bridging the gap with mainland leagues. What does the future hold for GFC and what excites you the most?

“I am hopeful that one day we can have our own ‘home’ pitch and stadium. This will be a ‘game changer’ for us, not only in terms of helping our sustainability but it should also allow us to grow and enhance our product. The excitement this will bring together with seeing some of the player and coaching pathway opportunities that have been created and developed behind the scenes come to fruition hopefully will lead to a promising future for Guernsey Football.”

+ What do you feel is both your personal, and the clubs greatest achievement so far?

“Difficult one to answer as there have been so many! I am going to simplify it and say helping to launch GFC, and the club is still here 7 years later!”

+ If you had one message for the Guernsey football scene, what would it be?

“Quite simply to embrace change. Never forget the history but look to enhance and develop football at all levels.”


You can follow and support Guernsey FC via Facebook & Twitter. #COYGL

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