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Insurance Corporation Healthcare Bursary Winners ‘Children’s Dental Service’ Launch Guernsey Survey

Children’s dental care in Guernsey is set to see long-term benefits from a new child dental health survey.

The application will allow more robust surveys of children’s dental health to be undertaken across the island, improving data collection and allowing a focus on the health and treatment of pre-school children.

“The Children’s Dental Service was awarded the 2013 Insurance Corporation Healthcare Bursary for a project to introduce a tooth brushing programme in local pre-schools, following the success of similar initiatives in the UK. Part of this was to develop an electronic data collection and reporting programme to help us monitor the levels of dental disease in pre-school children and gauge the success of early intervention,” said Sarah Lyle, Head of The Children’s Dental Service, part of Guernsey’s Health and Social Services Department (HSSD).

The survey was backed by C5 Alliance in Guernsey.

“This was a hugely positive project for C5 and the outcome will bring many long term benefits to the Children’s Dental Service. It also served as a brilliant opportunity for our graduate developers to cut their teeth on an unusual and challenging piece of work.” Mr Thornton, director and head of professional services at C5

Mrs Lyle said that live data would begin soon and will contribute to improvements across several areas of the service.

“We are extremely pleased with the outcome and will use evidence gathered over time to assess changes in dental decay, evaluate treatment levels and plan service requirements…

“…We are looking forward to gaining a clearer picture of the state of children’s dental health and further enhancing our service as a result.”

Insurance Corporation managing director, Glyn Smith, added: “Having been able to kick-start this fantastic project with our healthcare bursary, it is wonderful to see it take another step forward thanks to C5 Alliance. The Children’s Dental Service deserves much praise for their enthusiasm to further enhance their offering which will benefit many of our island’s youngsters.”

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