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Insurance Corporation Muratti Vase 2015

It’s been a week since the Insurance Corporation Muratti Vase 2015 in the Channel Islands, and what a day it was as Guernsey hosted Jersey in the biggest sporting event of the year!

2015 marked the 99th anniversary of the Muratti Vase, and we were delighted to again be sponsors of such a historic and important sporting even in the Channel Islands.

With the sun shining we were joined at Footes Lane by a 3000 strong crowd – many of whom had ventured over from Jersey to support their island.

After a hard fought game, Guernsey pulled back a 0-3 lead from Jersey to make it 2-3 with 10 minutes to go, but with both teams giving their all – jersey managed to hold on to the win and take the Muratti Vase home with them for the first time in 4 years.

Congratulations to Jersey, and well done to Guernsey for putting up a real fight!

The mens final was followed the following day by the womens, and Jersey managed to make 2015 a double as they defeated Guernsey convincingly by 0-7 at the St Peters ground.

Well done to all involved, we had a fantastic year and were proud to again be a part of it. It again showed to be such a highlight of our year in the Channel Islands – emphasised by #Muratti2015 trending on Twitter as the 3rd most popular hashtag throughout the United Kingdom!


(Photos by Gareth Le Page from the Insurance Corporation team)

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