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An Interview With Mitch Sneddon From Rocquaine Regatta

This weekend is the annual Rocquaine Regatta, a favourite event of the local community in Guernsey where spirits are always high and fun is had by all!

We are proud to continue providing sponsorship via public liability cover and equipment insurances for the Rocquaine Regatta, and are delighted to support such a huge community event for the Island.

Recently we spoke to Mitch Sneddon, one of the event organisers, to find out more…

+ Hi Mitch! It’s been a challenging few months! How have things been for you and the Regatta team?

It’s certainly been challenging, our busiest period of preparation in the run up to the regatta has been taken away due to the Covid-19 situation. Both physical tasks and uncertainty with the evolving situation have meant we were unable to prepare for the original date of the regatta.

+ We were disappointed that this years Rocquaine Regatta was delayed, but delighted it’s still going ahead in September! Where in the organising process were you and the team when everything changed, and how quickly were you able to rearrange an alternative date?

We were fairly well organised in that we had agreed the date for the regatta, arranged the timetable of events, confirmed advertisers, and were preparing the programme, maintenance plans and licences were underway. We couldn’t arrange an alternative date until the various stages of relaxation of lockdown were released by the States of Guernsey. As soon as there appeared to be the possibility for some relaxation of restrictions we discussed the potential for rescheduling the regatta dependant on the evolving situation, guidance from the States of Guernsey, our physical ability to safely prepare for the event, and wanting to host the event in whatever form we were able to for the benefit of the community. We had to check the various options based on when we may be able to safely hold such an event without the need for social distancing, and then check what the tide situation would be. Every regatta timetable is considerably arranged around the tides, we need to ensure every sea based event is safe according to the sea conditions, and the beach events are affected by how much beach is available at any time during the day.

I think we managed to turn things around very quickly once we knew what the alternatives were and decided on the 5th September as the only realistic alternative date. This will give us some challenges as we have to reschedule everything to suit the conditions, and have to co-ordinate the other services that we rely on to hold the regatta, but we are confident this will give our guests the best regatta we can possibly host this year.

+ How many people are a part of the Regatta organising committee?

We have a committee of around 20 people, along with various other helpers, both organising and on the day.

+ How long has the Regatta existed?

The Rocquaine Regatta has been in existence since 1910, and continues to adapt and evolve to suit the needs of the today’s audience.

+ Can you offer any insight into what your plans are for 2020?

Yes, we plan to hold an amazing regatta with all our usual activities on the beach, in the sea, and on the stage, with our signature evening bbq with live music on the Vale Earth Fair Ferryspeed stage.

+ Sum up the Rocquaine Regatta and what it means for Guernsey in one paragraph…

Rocquaine Regatta is a fun filled day at the beach for all the family with activities and events for everyone all free! You can participate in as much or as little as you like, as long as you enjoy the day. This year is especially important as we will not have our usual regular visitors from the UK, however we will hopefully have lots of local visitors who may normally be on holiday elsewhere. Hopefully everyone will have a fantastic day and perhaps some people may realise that Regatta day is something they should be looking at attending every year. The Rocquaine Regatta is an iconic Guernsey event which seeks to provide an entertainment filled day for all ages without seeking to profit from the day.

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