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Project Update: Jersey Marine Conservation ‘Artificial Reef Atlantis Project’

This year’s runner-up prize of £1000 at our Insurance Corporation Conservation Awards in Jersey was awarded to the Jersey Marine Conservation ‘Artificial Reef Atlantis Project’, headed up by entrant Kevin McIlwee. We got in touch with Kevin following the awards, who sent us this fascinating project update!

The ‘Artificial Reef Atlantis Project’ initiative aims to protect species off Jersey’s coasts from intensive commercial fishing methods and allow them to develop through the building of artificial reefs.

“It’s been a glorious week for diving. You might like to hear a few news items from our Artificial Reef evaluation work:

On our 2nd dive, we discovered probably the biggest colony of Pink Sea Fan Corals in the Channel Islands yesterday just of Corbiére. (See attached photos)

On the first dive on a Mine Sweeper 2nd World War Wreck off the Minquiérs which we are proposing as an artificial reef, I photographed a Blenny – never officially recorded in British Waters before; the Variable Blenny – Parablennius Pilicornis. (See attached photos)

Sadly we also found large amounts of Mercury discharging from debris on the stern of the Minesweeper and have advised the Marine & Coastal Officer for the Environment Department.”

We’re delighted to continue our support of this fantastic project, which is critical for the future of Jersey’s sealife. We’ll be keeping in touch with Kevin over the coming year, so keep your eyes peeled for further insightful updates!

“The PR and media attention we received just as a result of entering was massively helpful and important; it has helped give the project credibility and therefore supported our work in securing funding” Kevin McIlwee, Jersey Marine Conservation


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