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Nature and our Mental Health

It’s Mental Health Awareness week and this year’s theme is ‘nature’.

Over the past year, nature has played a huge part in supporting all our mental health, whether it was by tending to our gardens, attempting to grow new vegetables or going for a walk/run and taking in the fresh air. Without us realising it, nature was key to enabling us to take a moment away from our makeshift desks at home and rebalance our minds. With life showing signs of returning to some form of normality, it is important that we continue to remember the importance nature has played in our mental health.

At ICCI we take our teams health and wellbeing seriously by making sure the working environment around our team is safe, protecting our teams from any form of discrimination and by carrying out stress risk assessments where necessary.  We have invested in training for our leaders to better enable them to understand mental health issues and to educate them on how to spot the signs within their teams. We also have a dedicated trained Mental Health First Aider to support all our team.   

Michelle Steele, our HR & PR Executive and qualified MHFA said “Mental health and wellbeing has been one of our key priorities in our People Strategy over the past couple of years.  We have implemented various flexible ways of working to support positive mental health. We actively encourage working from home 1 day per week, we have implemented a ‘Dress For Your Day’ policy and most recently introduced a ‘Golden Hour’, dedicated for our teams to use how they wish during the day.  All these steps, alongside focusing on mental health awareness training for all our leaders and our D&I strategy, has created a supportive environment, where our people feel able to talk openly and freely and bring their whole self to work.  This has not only aided morale but also improved absence levels.”

Let’s take this week to remind ourselves of the importance of nature and our mental health. There are many activities the family can get involved in this week, from planting flowers, making a bug hotel in your garden, to watching the Puffin webcam courtesy of the Alderney Wildlife Trust. More ideas and activity packs can be found here: Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

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