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Ronez Win Insurance Corporation Guernsey Conservation Awards

The 25th year of our Insurance Corporation Guernsey Conservation Awards was a huge success, with entries displaying extremely high levels of knowledge and expertise.

Ronez has won the top prize in this year’s Insurance Corporation Guernsey Conservation Awards. The well-known local quarrying and construction business won the award for the many green initiatives it has implemented at its quarry at Le Vardes.

The decision to award Ronez the top prize of £2,000 was unanimous amongst the judging panel:

“We were greatly impressed by their commitment to maintaining a biodiversity action plan and their passion for delivering it. They have undertaken a huge tree planting initiative and have built numerous nesting boxes to encourage barn owls, kestrels and peregrine falcons. It was great to learn how involved the many staff members are in the project and their interest in protecting our precious green spaces and indigenous species in an industrial site is to be applauded.”

Runner up and winner of £1,000 is Harvey Adams whose tree planting scheme at KGV as part of the Little Trees Project also impressed the judges.

The winner of the Manpower award, who will receive a large team of workers from ICCI, is the charity Edible Guernsey. They will use this resource to assist in the build of their new Bee Alley.

The winner of the Peter Walpole People’s Choice award, voted via our website by the people of Guernsey, is Harvey Adams who’s Little Trees project won the most votes. The prize is £500.

Finally, the ‘Young Conservationist of the Year’ award was given to 8 year-old Enzo Crowson and his creative project building a ‘Bug Hotel’.

We were delighted to be joined by the Bailiff Sir Richard Collas who presented the awards.

Congratulations to all entries. We hope that these awards will help to increase awareness and inspire further conservation in Guernsey!


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