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Summer Celebration at Vale School in Guernsey

After a hugely successful year at our annual Conservation Awards, the Vale School held a Summer Celebration on Saturday 14th July.

It was held to thank all the people and companies who had contributed in enhancing the schools outdoor learning areas, including the mini woodland. It also allowed parents to actually see the areas their children are using and take part in some of the activities their children have access to such as slack lining between the 2 large trees within the woodland, den building, art with natural resources and stories within our story chair area with Guilles Alles librarian, Ellie.

The Pollinator Project were there plus the ‘moth man’ which the children found fascinating, as well as Guernsey Electricity and Societe Guernesiaise with their sea weed touch tanks.

You could also have a sit in one of Geomarines huge diggers and watch a tree climbing demonstration by Simon Marshall from Special Branch!

We are delighted to contribute financially towards the development of Vale Schools conservation efforts after they won the Best School Project (£500), Young Conservationists of the Year Award (£250), and The Peter Walpole People’s Choice Award (£500)

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