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The Optimists Club Remain Optimistic Despite Cancellation of 2020 Jersey Battle Of Flowers

We’re proud of our long standing relationship with The Optimists Club, sponsoring them through their hugely successful efforts at the Jersey Battle of Flowers for 26 years. Following the unfortunate, but necessary, cancellation of this years Jersey Battle of Flowers, we caught up with team leader Steve Bouchard…

+ Hi Steve! How is life in Jersey at the moment? It’s been a challenging few months!

Good to hear from you, we are all fine although at a little lose end with no battle. Having spent the last 50 years building floats and preparing for battle at this time of year it feels really strange!

On saying that the float build has progressed and the extra time has and will allow us to put even more detail into the finished exhibit.

+ Although understandable, it’s a real shame to see this years Jersey Battle Of Flowers was cancelled. Where in the process of building the float were The Optimists Club when you heard the news?

We started the build in early January so it was quite well on before the lockdown. All of the hydraulics and electrics are in place to enable to us to continue with our renowned use of animation within the design. Costumes have also been designed and started.

+ We have never been disappointed by your teams efforts over all these years! Can you offer any insight into what your plans looked like for 2020?

The float is called “When Movies Were Movies” and is centred around the black and white movies from the 1920’s.

It features all the well known film sets including Laurel and Hardy, Charle Chaplin, Steamboat Willie, Marilyn Monroe and numerous film crew.

The Optimists Club Jersey Battle Of Flowers


+ You’ve often stated that you decide on themes before the new year begins. How did you come up with the theme and design?

We have tried to come up with something really different and eye catching so the whole float including costumes will be mono toned in black and white, no one in the history of battle has ever attempted this before and should look quite spectacular.

We have even spent the winter perfecting the dying of flowers Black!

+ Will you be picking the same plans up again for 2021 or starting a fresh?

The plan is to continue where we left off and produce the float for the 2021 Battle.

+ Are the same members involved or do you have new additions?

We have lost a couple of members and attracted a few new ones, so the team of family and friends basically remains the same.

The Optimists Club Jersey Battle Of Flowers 2
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