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An Update from a 2017 Conservation Awards Winner: Samantha Blampied

We spoke to one of the winners from our 2017 Conservation Awards, Samantha Blampied, about her project progress and what the future looks like…

I led a survey looking at benthic ecology around the Ecrehous to try and understand the impact of dredging and the results of this study we’re used to help designate a no mobile gear zone around a large part of the Ecrehous.
This is what I won the People’s Choice Award for and joint Young Conservationist of the Year Award. I was nominated by Kevin McIlwee who also won an award for his marine conservation projects.
Winning the awards definitely made me a more desirable candidate for further funding and also really helped to motivate me too.
I’m now following on from my research at the Ecrehous and will be looking at the impact the no mobile gear zone may have, in addition to another no mobile gear zone around the minquiers. My PhD title is: assessing the impact of no mobile gear zones on the socio-economic value and trophic levels of key habitats in Jerseys territorial waters. No mobile gear just means no dredging or other activities that could damage the seabed are permitted. Only activities such as potting and angling are allowed.
Check out some of the latest photos from Sam’s project work, and enter this years awards!
Samantha Blampied Jersey Conservation Awards Samantha Blampied Jersey Conservation Awards

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