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Winners of 25th Insurance Corporation Healthcare Bursary Announced

The 25th anniversary Insurance Corporation Healthcare Bursary is to fund the tools and equipment for a weekly gardening group set up for stroke and head injured patients.

The winners of the £2,000 top prize are Michelle Green & Francesca McLuskey of the Physiotherapy Department who propose that an area by Le Marchant Ward is redesigned to include raised planter beds accessible to wheelchair users, and a glasshouse providing a covered vegetable patch. The money will also be used to buy specialist gardening equipment and adapted tools.

‘We were greatly impressed with the broad benefits of this entry,’ says Michelle Arundale of Insurance Corporation who led the judging panel.

‘There is real evidence to support the use of gardening to promote the recovery and function of the hand and arm affected by a stroke. The initiative is also good news for staff and other patients as it will give them a pleasant outdoor space to enjoy and will provide vegetables and flowers for use in therapy.’

Runner up is Youth Justice Officer Steve Carr whose proposal to use virtual reality headsets as visual aids to increase road traffic awareness among children won him funding of £1000.

A special 25th Anniversary prize was awarded to cognitive behavioural psychotherapists Michelle Ayres and Carol Vivyan who won the Bursary in 2010. They have since gone on to become the British Journal of Nursing ‘Mental Health Nurses of the Year’ in 2015 for their handbook ‘The Decider’ which blends cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) with dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT). Their ground-breaking work received initial funding from the Insurance Corporation Healthcare Bursary and has gone on to have a significant impact with their techniques being adopted in the UK..

The annual competition is open to staff members of H&SC who submit ideas to improve health or social care in the islands. This year’s winning projects were announced at a special luncheon for entrants and previous winners.

Mark de Garis, Chief Secretary of the Committee for Health & Social Care said:

‘I would like to thank the Insurance Corporation for their continued support of the bursary scheme. I am delighted that a special anniversary award has also been given this year to mark their 25 year commitment to supporting health and social care staff progress important ideas and initiatives.

‘I was amazed by the number and standard of submissions that were made by my health and social care colleagues and I found the shortlisting experience quite an inspirational experience.

‘I am so pleased that the winning entry will be of benefit to both patients and staff and look forward to seeing the new outdoor gardening space.’

Ten entries were received from across H&SC, which were then shortlisted to four. Each of the entrants presented their project to a judging panel.

This year’s other shortlisted entries are as follows:

Ruth Hargreaves, Ward Manager – ‘Information film for patients undergoing hip and knee replacements.

The short film would show the patient journey from admission through to discharge plus follow up care from the Guernsey Therapy Group and the Medical Specialists Group. It is hoped that this would ensure that the patient and his/her family would know what to expect before, during and after their admission. The provision of pre-operative information is extremely useful and has been found to reduce anxiety levels. This in turn can help reduce length of stay. The film would aid patients to take ownership of their hospital stay and encourage them to arrange a safe discharge home.

Shelley Cocker, Senior Clinical Physiologist (CRM)– ‘Provision for on-island support for monitoring the health of local patients with cardiac rhythm management devices.

Currently local patients fitted with CRM devices such as pacemakers, implantable defibrillators and cardiac resynchronisation devices, are cared for remotely by University Hospital Southampton with little or no face-to-face contact with a healthcare professional. Local patients have had to forego any annual in-house follow-ups because of lack of local expertise on the island. Patients need to be able to discuss their condition and receive advice on a one-to-one basis locally. Guernsey now has the staff and the programmers and with infrastructure changes this vital service could be delivered locally.

Bursary previous winners

1991 Alcohol Abuse in the Bailiwick SANDRA JAMES


1993 Health Information Provision

1994 Information Service for Disabled People JULIE BRASSEL

1995 Speech and Language Development A Course for Playgroups and Nursery Staff YVONNE GAINEY

1997 Investigation into Drug-related Admissions to Acute Medical Services in Guernsey ROBERT FORSYTHE

1998 Main Causes of Falls Among the Elderly & Safety Measures to Prevent Them JUDITH MOORE

1999 Research into the Cause of Eating Disorders in the Bailiwick of Guernsey KAY SHACKLETON & ADRIAN GAGGS

2000 How Do We and How Should We Care For Our Carers? GILLIAN BLACKMORE & JO-ANNE LE TISSIER

2001 A Project to Raise Awareness of People With a Learning Disability ANNE BLONDEL

2002 Can Anyone Tell Me the Way to the Memory Clinic? PAUL CORCORAN & FIONA ROBERTSON

2003 Rehab. & Improving the Quality of Life for Post-treatment Cancer Patients KAREN LEACH & LUCY WHITMAN

2004 A pilot study to determine whether fish oil supplements improve the clinical condition and quality of life in elderly Alzheimer’s sufferers LYNN HARBOTTLE

2005 From Strength to Strength. To reappraise and streamline the Community Mental Health Team Services MONICA MITCHELL

2006 Exploring Superstition and Folk law in the care of older people with dementia IRENE CARR & PATRICIA DE JERSEY

2007 Cardiac rehabilitation and heart failure patients SOPHIE O’CONNELL

2008 An examination of the standards of care for autistic children in the Bailiwick LYNN LEWENDON

2009 Programme development of intensive home visits for vulnerable first-time mothers RACHEL COPELAND & DEBBIE PITTMAN

2010 To develop ‘The Decider’ which is used as a tool for adult mental health therapies MICHELLE AYRES & CAROL VIVYAN

2011 To design an interactive board game to help families to understand and develop skills around ADHD – JOE HIND & PAUL FISHER

Runner-up: To create a website to aid sleep apnea sufferers REBECCA SHERRINGTON

2012 To help educate patients and their parents about their time on Frossard Ward. DAMIAN GRIFFITHS

Runner-up: To create a DVD to help educate about gastrostomy/tube feeding. MYFANWY DATTA, DEBBIE ROBILLIARD, GINETTE BADER and CAROL LOFTHOUSE

2013  SARAH LYLE and oral health educator/ dental nurse HELEN LONG. The introduction of a supervised tooth-brushing programme to be piloted in two pre-schools for the three-plus-year-old children.

Runner-up: YVONNE LE PAGE, – To promote mental health and wellbeing-funding a pilot ‘DIY Happiness’ project, an eight-week course for women looking at all aspects of improving mental health through practical activities.

2014 NANCY GOLLAND, JUDY MOORE, OLWEN BAIN_BREHAUT for their project: Activity Levels In The Elderly – A Pilot Study – The introduction of new measures that promote increased mobility and activity for elderly inpatients during admissions on Le Marchant Ward.

Runner-up: SUSAN STEER – ‘To Develop An Assistive Technology Resource And Demonstrate Its Effectiveness In The Older Adults Community Mental Health Team’ based around the study ‘Living Well with Dementia: A National Strategy’


‘A short film to promote diabetic education and lifestyle changes’

Runner-up TOBIN COOK, CATHY RIRSCH  ‘A research project investigating the exposure levels of children to air pollution on walk routes to schools.’


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