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An Interview with Zoe Andrews from Harvey’s Gang – 2019 Healthcare Bursary Runner Up

The Runner Up of our 2019 Healthcare Bursary was Zoe Andrews, who received £1000 to help fund her project, ‘Introducing Harvey’s Gang to HSC’. We caught up with Zoe briefly to discuss Harvey’s Gang and what it means to have been selected as Runner Up in a competitive and inspiring year…

Congratulations! How do you feel winning Runner Up in our Healthcare Bursary?

I’m elated and truly over the moon to be the runner up.

Give us a quick summary of your project, ‘Introducing Harvey’s Gang’…

The project will be about bringing children into the laboratory that will be patients of the hospital so they can see what goes on with their sample. From there on we will be in talks with schools about getting children into the labs to give them real insight to life as a scientist. Hopefully fuelling their imagination for a future career!!!

I’m hoping to bridge the gap between handing in a sample and getting the result for patients

Who is the team behind this project?

It’s myself, pathology staff, healthcare staff on children’s ward and ongoing schools etc.

Do you have plans in place already following your win?

We’re hoping to get the ball rolling with planning after Christmas to be on track with our first tour around Easter and quickly expanding after that as I have had a lot of interest from schools and members of the public!

What impact are you hoping ‘Introducing Harvey’s Gang’ will have on patients in Guernsey?

I’m hoping to bridge the gap between handing in a sample and getting the result for patients. Get them to know what happens and alleviate any worries. Making them feel comfortable and confident.

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